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            Foreign Students of CSU Carried

            2015-09-19 | 【原文鏈接】
            The 2015 summer vacation has slipped away. For many foreign students of CSU, this summer vacation is of great significance. They took advantage of the holiday to participate in social practice and to first-hand experience “Chinese story”.

            Zana, from Cape Verde, is an undergraduate student majoring in Clinical Medicine at Xiangya School of Medicine. On July 31, seven foreign students including Zana arrived at Gongqiao Liangyuan Hope Primary School in Western Hunan. Foreign teachers, newcomers as they were, they were adept at teaching and popular with the local students. They taught English and folk music with the help of body language, dance, and musical instruments. During breaks, students played around foreign teachers and invited them to join the game. Zana, together with the kids, played such games as “Wooden Man” and “Eagle Catches Chicken”, during which they all had a lot of fun and fits of laughter welled up on the playground. Although time flies, international students established a profound friendship with the local kids. At the time of departure, foreign teachers wrote down sincere blessing on children’s guest book in their limited Chinese and the children also expressed their wish of meeting again the next summer.

            Zana held that as a college student, she should generously contribute her efforts when others were in need of help; as a foreign student, she was more willing to join volunteer activities, to personal experience “Chinese Story” and to really fit in the second homeland.

            \"Foreign teachers” stepping into Western Hunan mountains spent a happy and memorable summer vacation with local left-behind children. Moreover, “foreign doctor” in Dao County of Yongzhou was more popular with and highly praised by the villagers. This “foreign doctor” is Ares, a graduate student majoring in Stomatology from Syria. He together with his classmates joined the volunteer service team of Xiangya School of Stomatology and spent unforgettable seven days in Dao County of Yongzhou. Ares was voluntarily engaged in day clinic for the villagers and the villagers coming for consultation were also willing to communicate with the “foreign doctor”. Fluent Chinese, professional medical recommendation, and handsome appearance made him a celebrity in the village. Ares said, “I am very pleased to use my expertise to help others, and here I’ve also made acquaintance with more friends. I am very grateful to CSU for giving me this opportunity.”

            The international marathon held on August 15th in Liupanshui cools the whole summer. “Foreign volunteers” from all over the world became a beautiful landscape of the event. Ahmad, a doctoral student majoring in Computer Engineering from Pakistan, as a volunteer coordinator, convened nearly 30 volunteers from 15 countries to Liupanshui for participating in the competition. Ahmad is very keen on charity. He said, “Foreign student as I am, I am still willing to help them for love knows no boundaries and every country advocates helping others. We are a family, and I love this country the same as Chinese people do.”

            During this summer, foreign students became good friends of China. Their unique vigor proved to everyone their love for China and Chinese culture.


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